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Prescott Flying Club has a couple open memberships available for a limited time. Contact one of of our members for a tour of our facilities today and you can be flying in no time. When you compare our cost of dues, rental rates, and aircraft availability with other clubs, you will understand why we have so many happy pilots.

New Engine for 32195

Arrow 195 is back in the air with a shiny, factory-overhauled Lycoming IO-360 and new propeller.

With safety and reliability always a priority, the board decided to replace the engine rather than overhaul the existing one. This reduced the aircraft's down time and will protect our investment with a Lycoming factory warranty.

More upgrades coming this summer!

Our members were all very impressed with the new interior that was installed in the Archer a couple years ago and now it is time to give 34C the same treatment. Brand new wall panels, carpeting, and seat upholstery have been ordered and will be installed later this summer once the parts come in. This will greatly improve the appearance and comfort of our newest plane.

If you're like me, you are tired of replacing landing lights before your flight. The board decided to replace all of the halogen landing lights with LEDs to improve reliability and reduce the power requirements. This will be happening in the coming weeks and should be a nice improvement as well.

Members Vote for Avionics Upgrades including two new GTN650s!

At the annual membership meeting held on 1/26, the members in attendance voted unanimously to allocate existing funds to avionics upgrades for the fleet. All upgrades are being completed without any increase in the hourly rental rates or the monthly dues.

Arrow 32195 was just upgraded with a new PMA8000BT audio panel and the latest Garmin GTN650 WAAS touchscreen GPS. Archer 3006K also received its new GTN650 and is ready for some IFR conditions.

New GPS installed in 6334C

6334C has just received an upgrade to its panel. The old Nav/Comm has been replaced with the latest Garmin SL-30 and a new VFR GPS has been installed. The Garmin aero510 is a powerful touchscreen-based GPS with some useful new features. Check out the pilot's guide below to familiarize yourself before your next flight.

Aircraft & Hourly Rates

The Piper aircraft that fill our fleet are well maintained and constantly upgraded. All four aircraft are IFR certified. Rates are WET and are based on TACH time vs. the standard HOBBS time typically used by FBO’s. Get billed for TACH but log HOBBS. The maintenance and escrow charges below are added to the pump price of the fuel. The sum is the total wet rental rate in the right column.

Image Type / Tail Cruise Fuel Burn Escrow Maintenance Wet Rental
Warrior 6334C 115 KIAS 9gph $25.00/hr $23.00/hr $92.91/hr
Archer 3006K 118 KIAS 9gph $24.00/hr $25.00/hr $93.91/hr
Arrow 4486F 140 KIAS 10gph $35.25/hr $26.50/hr $111.65/hr
Arrow 32195 140 KIAS 10gph $35.25/hr $26.50/hr $111.65/hr
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